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Inktobers, parte 2: juguetes, píxel, papiroflexia, lluvia, equilibrista, bondage, prisión, infinito, planetas, raíces.

Inktobers, part 2: toys, pixel, origami, rain, tightrope walker, bondage, prision, infinite, planets, roots.

Check Anabel’s manga style! 


I did this short on early summer, for a little zine called “Chachi”. The theme was more or less about the value of drawings, and their role on our lives and revolutions.

This comic looks already old and full of flaws to me, but I’m posting it anyway.

Two of my mates at sacoponcho did their thing too: Here are suscrofad’s and uximuxi’s



KAMUI f’n dudes up all day…

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玄光社 雑誌イラストレーション204号 挿絵



"Beeing" one of the five short comics I made for Borrowed Tails (published by Kuš!).

Borrowed Tails, the mini comic published by Kuš that features this and other short comics, is back in stock at Gatosaurio

I do not want to see myself as I am, and I cannot see myself as I used to be.


I do not want to see myself as I am, and I cannot see myself as I used to be.

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You’ve seen the front cover to the final issue of IKKI, but have you seen the inside-back? The two pieces form a type of diptych, so that the last image of original art ever to be published in the magazine depicts the same children as young adults, having grown up with their favorite manga…

(Taiyō Matsumoto) 

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Este é o cómic que fixen para o fanzine “Chachi” (adsequible nalgunhas tendas de cómic de Galicia) 

This is a comic I made for an Galician “fanzine”.

It’s about fragility. About how I feel sometimes that I’m breakable and that I could disappear.


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my contribution to jeanjeanplus: PLUS 13.4
a febrile landscape


my contribution to jeanjeanplusPLUS 13.4

a febrile landscape

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